North Brisbane Home Loans is a mortgage broker organisation in Queensland. They were looking for a new brand style that was modern, instilled trust, peace of mind and reliability in the minds of their customers. In a loud and saturated market they also wanted to ensure that their business came across as authentic, relatable and inviting but also a little ‘outside of the box’. 


For NBHL we conducted market research and competitor analysis, formulated brand positioning in line with company values. The resulting brand mark was two figures shaking hands, coming to an agreement represents a mortgage broker and client. The figures also create an uppercase N (for the N in North). The teal colour is a standout in the local and national market and combines the blues and greens of the original branding.

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"Fable Agency puts enormous thought into creating pieces that communicate our messaging in the sensitive way it requires. We are always extremely happy with the creative."

—  Megan Bowen, Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Manager

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