Datisan is a marketing analytics company that helps businesses to better understand their data and create more personalised customer experiences. Their expertise lies in cloud technology through their unique partnerships with Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform.


As what Datisan does can be hard to explain without reverting to complex marketing lingo, we needed to create a brand voice and content style that was easy to relate to, informative and fun.


Over the past few years we helped to refresh their brand tagline, have created video series, written blogs, provided photography services and written their email marketing campaigns. Along with this we have managed their website and all social media platforms, designed their white papers, playbooks, reports and digital advertising. Since working with Datisan to produce their content and focusing on Linkedin as their primary social platform we have helped to increase their organic followership by 816% and fostered an average engagement rate of 6%. 

marketing, modernised.

branding, content creation, video, photography